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Gangnam style is most popular video of all time

November 26, 2012

PSY in Justin Bieber is the most publicized of all time to be video YouTube South Korea. Gangnam or Gangnam district is a tributary is South Korea. It means literally: South of the River. Gangnam style fast approaching 1 billion hits.

Click here for Gangnam YouTube style

Incredible video of the Flash mob holiday

November 28, 2012

This is the new face of marketing. The days which just show my large networks is complete. Flash mob holiday by T-Mobile at the local level then at the international level through YouTube was. With your marketing efforts think differently?

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10 Step guide social link building

November 30, 2012


Social media is an essential tool to attract a large number of inbound links for a low price. In this deep dive discussed others link to your site, without that spending a dime on advertising or other promotions adjust. Prepare yourself you will learn the ten motorways that can begin to collect inbound links organically.

A company that is generating inbound links as a car without gas: There is, but it doesn’t work. How can links so create?

Through link building: Search engine optimization factor key search page. You have on your website, links, increase traffic and better rankings, which can ensure via search engines. Incoming links provide three key benefits for your company:

Rows of the visibility of the brand and AwarenessDirect and indirect traffic (and prospective customers) (residual traffic) search engine download free guide here: posted in B2B, how-to, social media

His type of distillation in 5 minutes or less

29 November 2012

Quick: What is the difference between a company and a brand?

A company is a commercial enterprise, even if a mark instinct, is the public, if they think a company or a product. Wal-Mart and target are similar companies which are very different due to their brand identity.

Starting a business requires paperwork. The creation of a brand requires something else entirely.

This is something to tell stories.

A buyer should be in the location history of the brand, including what problems replacing, target service market and its value proposition to distill everything in a simple, clear and compelling manner (and hopefully unforgettable).

Marketers must be enough flexibility, to say, this history in a variety of formats, depending on the channel used to transmit the story (digital or not). But no matter the format, there are best practices to apply, follow.

As an annual competition in recognition of innovative companies in the CRM CRM Idol finalists, public relations, which has Inc. applied, to create a video, the story our brand in a creative way. The video would have then voted by the public. These are just a few who tell best practices that we have been pursuing our brand:

Working with constraints

Will Facebook Be The Next Monster?

It looks like Facebook is getting into job postings, but of course, as everything it does comes with a twist, the jobs will be promoted through social media. Currently, there are almost two million jobs on the new job board and Facebook is partnering up with and other job search sites.

From what I understand, Facebook is simply syndicating the job listings from Monster and JobVite, but the job service is a Facebook app rather than a simple service and it includes a job search keyword box where people looking for jobs can search for open positions.

As Monster’s biggest competitior is clearly Careerbuilder, this move for Monster can put them ahead of the competition. Also, LinkedIn can lose market share in the job search market as well, but I do not believe that will happen so fast as LinkedIn has a reputation for this and it will take Facebook a while to brand themselves as a job search social network.

Is Responsive Web Design Important For Social Media?

Now the focus in the web design field is on responsive web design. For those of you who do not know what responsive web design is, let me quickly explain. Responsive web design is a part of CSS 3 which determines the device or web browser that is requesting the web page. What all this this technobabble simply means is that only one web design is needed for all browsers including desktop and mobile. Instead of designing one website for desktop and a separate one for a mobile device or even an ipad, only one design is accomplished.

The idea behind responsive web design is with the use of media queries. A “medium” is the device or web browser we are talking about. An ipad is one type of medium. An iphone is another. Firefox on your desktop Mac or PC is even another. When you visit a website on those media, a “media query” is performed. In CSS3, the keyword @media is used and enclosed more CSS when the media query is met. Criteria can be the maximum device width like 320 pixels for the iPhone or even 480 pixels wide when the iPhone is turned sideways.

For social media, it is the question of whether or not responsive web design is important. The answer is a whopping YES. Since most people visit websites with the mobile device or smartphone, we need to make sure the desired look for the website is available in that medium. Responsive device will accomplish this easily, but it does involved creating separate stylesheets, which we will cover in a future blog post.

Flickr Being Used By Public Relations Agencies For Pre Client Meetings

It seems that flickr is becoming one of the major tools for public relations firm across the U.S. In traditional advertising
and public relations ad campaigns were created using storyboards, which are nothing more than a collection of scenes used in
a television commercial for a magazine advertisement.

Now, art directors working for major advertising agencies and public relations houses are creating photographic images of
commercials for television and even various web pages and putting them on flickr.

This phenomenon that flickr is taking the traditional old school advertising campaigns that making them more digital using
social media. Some ad agencies are even taking their flickr storyboards and sharing them on Facebook, twitter, and the

If you work for an advertising agency were a public relations firm, flickr just made the the social network four your photos
in storyboards.

Pinterest is making a BIG dent on the social sharing world

I was experimenting with Pinterest and found out that it is more powerful than Facebook and Twitter put together.

What’s interesting about Pinterest is that it is easy to use and I can promote as many of our clients websites to our following. I have a few clients on and what was interesting about this was that I saw my websites being pinned by my friends and followers. Although it was true that they can easily add their own comments, the pins and likes were the huge deciding factor for me.

Also, like Twitter’s retweet phenomenon, my pins get “repinned” meaning that they also get pinned on my followers’ boards.

A Pinterest board is like my Twitter profile, full of pins, but a board is really just a group of pins and I can have as many as I want with any name.

Pinterest is something every business should also try as it makes it easy to spread and share. Thank you, Pinterest!

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